It is a competitive world and we know how quickly one unhappy customer can negatively affect your company’s brand. The same goes for the employees.

As a business owner, you understand that your customers are the heart of your business but have you ever thought about the impact that employees – whether they are past, present or future – have on your success?

You have spent thousands of dollars recruiting, hiring, training promoting and working to retain your employees and now you are in a position where your business needs are changing and you need to depart staff that you have invested in.

Are you willing to let your investment walk out the door with nothing to show for it but a few disgruntled employees? Instead consider maximizing the opportunity to build your business through Outplacement services.

Outplacement services are provided through a third-party organization to help displaced staff land in a new job quickly. This service gives you the opportunity to be proactive in protecting your brand by minimizing the impact of employee damages as a result of termination.

Outplacement services helps the employees better understand the reasons for the company’s decisions, allows them to vent their angry feelings in a consultants office rather than within their network of friends , and will shift their focus towards the future and away from possible expensive lawsuits.

This service also demonstrates to your customers and stakeholders that you are a brand worth backing because you care about your staff even when departing an employee.

Are you willing to let your investment walk out the door or will you take the next step to redefine change and create a brand ambassador?


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